Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reviving this dead blog

right people,this blog has been dormant for a few months now no one has come to blog here for a loooong time so its up to me to revive this blog right? lets see,first lets check out some new things about hornbills i found go to Info(HB),click on the link.
then lets talk about errors in hornbills blog.
first,the CBOX has an error(It goes bang every time i try to configure it)
then,the the posting system of blogger is down.If some of you are wondering how im posting this:i searched the whole page and found where the textbox is(if you're thinking:wow this guy's clever!, you are right)so im goin off now.
_Post session is ended due to yz having to fix the cbox_
Yong Zhin

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