Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pls comment! :P

I came across this question and decided to ask myself and you as a reader... Which one is more enviro-friendly, if you were forced to choose 1. Using the computer to do tests or using paper? Actually I feel that none are good... But pls comment and share your points! Tks!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hi people,

We should really revive our blog after all the effort we put in. Looking forward to a brand new year of hornbill rocks with you.

Mdm Neo

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wicked new way

hi guys,
i found a wicked new way to recycle paper : )
i figured this by myself when i was messing around wif toilet paper.
all u have to do is to put used paper/newspaper into a pot of heated water
stir until paint and ink has floated up to the top.
pour water onto a plate and slieve out the pulp
wait for it to dry and u get a kind of cardboard!
Yong Zhin

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back again

hi blog,

sorry for not being active...well came back and saw that this blog is kinda "vacant". Well...I came back to check it out! I almost forgot the password and username but luckily Tobias told me! thanks to him! hee...I gotta go now! Bye bye!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reviving this dead blog

right people,this blog has been dormant for a few months now no one has come to blog here for a loooong time so its up to me to revive this blog right? lets see,first lets check out some new things about hornbills i found go to Info(HB),click on the link.
then lets talk about errors in hornbills blog.
first,the CBOX has an error(It goes bang every time i try to configure it)
then,the the posting system of blogger is down.If some of you are wondering how im posting this:i searched the whole page and found where the textbox is(if you're thinking:wow this guy's clever!, you are right)so im goin off now.
_Post session is ended due to yz having to fix the cbox_
Yong Zhin

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our Trip to Singapore Botanic Gardens

Hi everyone,
Today we went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens which is very fun. We met Dr Vilma and some others experts, and photograhers. Dr Vilma gave us some badgesand we sold all the hornbills ones. We made $200. Yoooooooooo! Love it. First, when we reached there, we set up everything and we were given badges so me and my good friend, Rebecca went around with the'Money Boy', Wallace went around and sell the badges and we sold 6 badges on 1st try, we were very impressed with ourselves. The visitor pass by so we told them about our hornbill project. And we also the experts about the hornbill projects. Dr Vilma is also very impressed with our'selling skills'. Haha. We learn a lot from the experts and they gave us their emails so I agreed that we have thousands thousand of FUN. YEH! See guys soon.
Wenn Ler.
today we have a blast of a time at the botanical gardens we saw a the docter who is the the one who i never met but gave us so many advice docter vilma.

reflection (rebecca)

hi all,
i'm rebecca as you know. today we went to botanical garden and it was so fun. we saw dr vilma. the badges were selling quick!!!! $$$$$$. there were many experts and specialists. they were all very modest......they saw many nice things and they showed us many rare things that we have not seen like the helmeted hornbill.WOW!!!! i was so amazed by that, i think i was mesmorised by the birds. the experts are just so cool!!!!! i wish i can meet them again. anyway,after our SA1, we are going to lebradore park with mr andrew again. i am so excited! but study always comes first......(a relive note for parents)

Botanic gardens

Today we went to the botanic gardens,we met DR vilma,Uncle Fauzy and Auntie Nathalie and lots of other expert on birds."Dr phillip was kind of very imformative" instead of us teaching him he taught us+_+.haha well he was an expert.

oh yeah,we sold the badges too we raised a fund of more than $200 impressive or what?We saw a kingfisher too.lots of fun we went to eat the buffet the fried rice was soooo nice lots of experts who taught us about hornbills. I talked till my mouth was so guy bought 10 badges,the people were very genourous.With a bit of luck it migth be able buy the telescope.I bought 3 badges myself.

Ng Yong Zhin A.k.A Tobias 6J

Reflection~ Botanical Garden presentation

Hello everyone!

Today, the 26th March, we, the Hornbill members, went to the Botanical Garden to present our "findings" to people who were there. We had a "booth" and pasted the pictures we took during our meetings and field trips. We even sold hornbills and jungle animals badges given by Dr. Vilma- we sold 200 badges in less than 3 hours! Each of us also got a badge that Mdm. Neo bought for us but I still bought another design which I thought was nice.

Many visitors came and took a look at our "booth" and each of us or each pair took turns to explain the times we had during our hornbill meetings and field trips to every visitor. Most of them said that they were quite inpressed with our presentation and selling skills. I was mostly in charge of selling the badges since I was a little shy to present but I still presented along with my "partner", Asfarina. The visitors were quite friendly too, that's why I got to have my chance to present.

We got to talk to some experts about birds and we even saw a pair of kingfishers. They're so cute and were in blue! But too bad, that's the time when we got to get back to school. So, we fed the fishes there while waiting for the bus. When the bus came, we went back to school to type this reflection ( I'm typing it now). So then, talk to you all next time! Look forward to my next reflection...

Bye for now!

Botanical Gardens

Today, I went to Botanical Gardens.We met Dr Vilma for the first time!We sold 200 badges earned $200!Dr Vilma was ssssssssssooooooooooo happy with us.She even talked about us in her talk!We also met some experts .But instead of telling them about what we knew,they were telling us all they knew about hornbills.I hope we can meet Dr Vilma and all the other experts again!

Jun Wei


Hye everyone!
It was damn fun at the Botanical Garden for the presentation just now. My friends and I sold badges and it cost $1 for each. The picture is so cute and alot of the visitor bought it. I also bought it. Altogether we sold 200 badges, Alot right? Some of us do presentation about hornbill. The visitor also interested know more about the hornbill. This is the best day and the first chance for me to sell things.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hi everyone!I can't wait to go to botanic garden on Thurs! I hope that some people have visited our blog!


Hye everyone, this is the last meeting for the Hornbill Project. I have learnt alot of things and i have alot of fun with all my friends and my teacher, Mdm Neo. I have learnt what hornbill eat. They eat reptiles, insects, fruits and many more! They are shy too.
The one that i am so excited is that this Thursday on 26 March, we are going to go to Botanical Garden to do presentation for our hard work that we had done about Hornbill. I really can't wait to tell everyone about the hornbill.!!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi everybody! 

We'll be at the Botanic Gardens (Botany Centre -Tanglin Core)  on 26/3/09 (Thursday) from 11am to 1pm to showcase our blog during the poster session. Come join us if you can! 


This program has taught me to conserve nature and that nature is wonderfull(taught me to mind my language too)
The hornbills are delicate and fragile.its lucky that singapore protects the hornbills.
You can access this website: you want to find out more about nature.
post lots guys!

Ng Yong Zhin


I learned that all animals play important roll to help our environment !!!!!!please come to the blog!Ps:do not hurt animals

Bird Jokes

Question: Why do hummingbirds hum?
Answer: Because they don't know the words.

Question:Why do birds fly south?
Answer:Because it is too far to walk!

Question: What do you get when you cross a Golden Eagle with a razor?
Answer: A Bald Eagle!


This programme made me learnt about the hornbills,which people thought it was once extinct in singapore from 1882 to 1993.

Organising our information

The Hornbills Rock Team working on their poster

Q: What do you give a sick bird?
A: Tweetment!
Q: What is a parrot's favorite game?
A: Hide and Speak!
Q: What is a duck's favorite TV show?
A: The feather forecast!

Reflection on this Hornbill Project

Hi everyone!

Today, 19th March, the 2nd last meeting of the hornbill project. This hornbill project was organised by Mdm Neo, our Nature Club Teacher, and us, the "chosen" members of nature club. This project was great! We got to go on field trips to learn lots of things about hornbills! The type of hornbill we're focusing on is the Oriental Pied Hornbills. Even though we didn't get to see a real hornbill before our own eyes, by looking at pictures from the internet, photographs and books, I can sort of picture this bird's figure and size.

One interesting thing I learnt from this project is: Hornbills were actually thought to be extinct for 138 YEARS!!! But it was fortunate that hornbills came back to the world (maybe god sent them back to us hehe). Thank god......

It was great working with my friends- Rebecca, Wenn Ler, Jun Wei, Wallace, Asfarina, Clenlin, Yong Zhin, Mdm Neo. I think the 2 best thing about this project is making friends and getting a step closer to the knowledge of the world or maybe hornbills. It was a bit challenging for me to find information on just Oriental Pied Hornbills, since the most information I got from the internet on hornbills were about the Great Hornbill or extinct types of hornbills... but I still got some information on the Oriental Pied Hornbill species.

There would be another session, which is the fimal session, for this hornbill project.We're going to the Botanic Garden soon to show present our hornbill presentation. I'm really looking forward to it! Now it's time for me to end, my next reflection's coming soon! BYE!!!!!!

Bye for now!
WallaceNg 5I
On this program we worked hard to post the information and facts on this blog.
Although we worked hard our efforts paid off and was a success. We created a bi=g poster on hornbills and are going to pklace itn on the the hornbills conference next thursday on 26March2009.The team posted lots of jokes and questions plus some of the advice given by the experts saying on hornbills and other bids whether they are endangered or not.Up till now we are still up dating our bliog with the latest facts on hornbills and birds althoughb we have facts on other birds this website we are doing on is solely for hornbills.Come to this website soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yo! Hi!

Today we went to pulau ubin and it was really fun (even though we did not manage to see the hornbills)mr andrew was our guide and we took a bumper boat was really fun but the price increased to $2.50(sometimes i'm abit $$ minded)we watched a "movie" about the hornbills and i gained alot of info.

  • the scientific name of the northen hornbill is called the"albirostris"
  • you can differenciate its gender by its horn(casque)~the bigger the horn,it will be a male.
  • in general,its name is"Anthracoceros albirostris"
  • people thought they were exictinct from 1855-1993 but it was saw in 1994 at pulau ubin

from yours sincerly,

rebecca choo 5j( i may post again tmr)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hornbill Project~ Trip to Pulau Ubin

Hi people!

Yesterday, I went to Pulau Ubin along with my teammates-Asfarina, Clenlin, Jun Wei, Rebecca, Wallace, Wenn Ler. And my teacher, Mdm Mindy Neo and an expert with birds, Mr Andrew. The trip was really wonderful and fun!

We listened to a talk about hornbills given by Mr Alan. His talk was very informative as we get to know and learn more about hornbills. I learnt that hornbills were actually in extinction for 138 years, and they were only found around 1994 in Pulau Ubin! So that means that they had been in extinction from about 1855 to 1993. And they just came out of nowhere. ^^

After that, we took a walk around Pulau Ubin, hoping to see at least a hornbill flying around, but too bad we didn't get to see it (it only came out after we left, I wonder whether were we that scary...?). But surprisingly, we got to see two snakes during the walk! Guess what, the first one we saw was so colourful that I thought that it was actually a rubber band for tying hair (whoops). The second one was bright green in colour. It camouflaged so well that I almost can't identify it! It actually looked like a vein with a leaf at the end (head of the snake). We also saw a female spider two to three times the size of a bee ( I guess?). With a male that is smaller than the female. o.O

Too bad, time flies quickly, and we went back to school right after that. I really wish to go there again to see and learn more about animals! Oh, and my email is : So then, bye bye! ;)


Trip to Ubin Island

Today,we we went to Ubin to research on the hornbills.

The trip was quite eventful,we saw two snakes one was dead which was unfortunate...the other was eying a gecko.although we did not see any hornbills the trip was still quite the boat trip.

my email is can u guys send me the pics of the trips?

Ng Yong Zhin 6J

Our Trip To Pulau Ubin

Hiya everyone,
My trip to Pulau Ubin was great and I learn a lot of things. We saw two snakes who have poison at the back fang, we were told from Uncle Andrew who knows a lot about birds and animals at Pulau Ubin. One snake was dead and the other on was alive. The thing that make me sad is that we did not see any oriental pied hornbill. I learn that the female hornbills know their direction around their nest and they will position their backside right at the exit of their nests and poo out. While the young hornbills will poo inside and their mothers will throw their poo outside like us when we are young. We sat on bumboats to get forth and back from Singapore to Pulau Ubin. The bumboats were bummy and shaky but it was fun. From this trip, I learnt a lot of things and it was great fun. If there is any thing that you want to e-mail me, my e-mail is :
See you guys soon,
Wenn Ler 5J

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Hornbills Rock members met on 20th Jan 2009 to get an idea on what the project is all about. No doubt, they were very excited and soon everyone had a part to research on with regard to hornbills. We are all looking forward to the trip to Pulau Ubin/Changi with Andy and Andrew and the kids are looking forward to asking all their questions.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hi, everyone. Welcome to our hornbill blog. Pls comment and wait till we update photos. Pls come back and check everyone as we may update our blog time to time. See ya!

Wenn Ler 5J

A "welcome to hornbill rocks" message

Yo! Everyone, do comment, write what u think, and most of all, learn more!!! Hornbill rocks! Wait till u see the photos and videos that are being updated! Hornbill rocks!!!!!

rebecca choo 5j

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome to Hornbills Rock!

Welcome to Hornbills Rock!

This is a fun blog managed by a group of West Grove Primary School (Singapore) Nature Club members who are eager to share with you their passion for hornbills all over the world, especially Singapore.

Read about the information they find week after week, jokes, cartoons, quizzes, their photo and video gallery and much much more. Have fun exploring!