Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Trip To Pulau Ubin

Hiya everyone,
My trip to Pulau Ubin was great and I learn a lot of things. We saw two snakes who have poison at the back fang, we were told from Uncle Andrew who knows a lot about birds and animals at Pulau Ubin. One snake was dead and the other on was alive. The thing that make me sad is that we did not see any oriental pied hornbill. I learn that the female hornbills know their direction around their nest and they will position their backside right at the exit of their nests and poo out. While the young hornbills will poo inside and their mothers will throw their poo outside like us when we are young. We sat on bumboats to get forth and back from Singapore to Pulau Ubin. The bumboats were bummy and shaky but it was fun. From this trip, I learnt a lot of things and it was great fun. If there is any thing that you want to e-mail me, my e-mail is :
See you guys soon,
Wenn Ler 5J

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