Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yo! Hi!

Today we went to pulau ubin and it was really fun (even though we did not manage to see the hornbills)mr andrew was our guide and we took a bumper boat was really fun but the price increased to $2.50(sometimes i'm abit $$ minded)we watched a "movie" about the hornbills and i gained alot of info.

  • the scientific name of the northen hornbill is called the"albirostris"
  • you can differenciate its gender by its horn(casque)~the bigger the horn,it will be a male.
  • in general,its name is"Anthracoceros albirostris"
  • people thought they were exictinct from 1855-1993 but it was saw in 1994 at pulau ubin

from yours sincerly,

rebecca choo 5j( i may post again tmr)

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