Thursday, March 26, 2009

Botanic gardens

Today we went to the botanic gardens,we met DR vilma,Uncle Fauzy and Auntie Nathalie and lots of other expert on birds."Dr phillip was kind of very imformative" instead of us teaching him he taught us+_+.haha well he was an expert.

oh yeah,we sold the badges too we raised a fund of more than $200 impressive or what?We saw a kingfisher too.lots of fun we went to eat the buffet the fried rice was soooo nice lots of experts who taught us about hornbills. I talked till my mouth was so guy bought 10 badges,the people were very genourous.With a bit of luck it migth be able buy the telescope.I bought 3 badges myself.

Ng Yong Zhin A.k.A Tobias 6J

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