Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reflection on this Hornbill Project

Hi everyone!

Today, 19th March, the 2nd last meeting of the hornbill project. This hornbill project was organised by Mdm Neo, our Nature Club Teacher, and us, the "chosen" members of nature club. This project was great! We got to go on field trips to learn lots of things about hornbills! The type of hornbill we're focusing on is the Oriental Pied Hornbills. Even though we didn't get to see a real hornbill before our own eyes, by looking at pictures from the internet, photographs and books, I can sort of picture this bird's figure and size.

One interesting thing I learnt from this project is: Hornbills were actually thought to be extinct for 138 YEARS!!! But it was fortunate that hornbills came back to the world (maybe god sent them back to us hehe). Thank god......

It was great working with my friends- Rebecca, Wenn Ler, Jun Wei, Wallace, Asfarina, Clenlin, Yong Zhin, Mdm Neo. I think the 2 best thing about this project is making friends and getting a step closer to the knowledge of the world or maybe hornbills. It was a bit challenging for me to find information on just Oriental Pied Hornbills, since the most information I got from the internet on hornbills were about the Great Hornbill or extinct types of hornbills... but I still got some information on the Oriental Pied Hornbill species.

There would be another session, which is the fimal session, for this hornbill project.We're going to the Botanic Garden soon to show present our hornbill presentation. I'm really looking forward to it! Now it's time for me to end, my next reflection's coming soon! BYE!!!!!!

Bye for now!

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