Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our Trip to Singapore Botanic Gardens

Hi everyone,
Today we went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens which is very fun. We met Dr Vilma and some others experts, and photograhers. Dr Vilma gave us some badgesand we sold all the hornbills ones. We made $200. Yoooooooooo! Love it. First, when we reached there, we set up everything and we were given badges so me and my good friend, Rebecca went around with the'Money Boy', Wallace went around and sell the badges and we sold 6 badges on 1st try, we were very impressed with ourselves. The visitor pass by so we told them about our hornbill project. And we also the experts about the hornbill projects. Dr Vilma is also very impressed with our'selling skills'. Haha. We learn a lot from the experts and they gave us their emails so I agreed that we have thousands thousand of FUN. YEH! See guys soon.
Wenn Ler.

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