Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reflection~ Botanical Garden presentation

Hello everyone!

Today, the 26th March, we, the Hornbill members, went to the Botanical Garden to present our "findings" to people who were there. We had a "booth" and pasted the pictures we took during our meetings and field trips. We even sold hornbills and jungle animals badges given by Dr. Vilma- we sold 200 badges in less than 3 hours! Each of us also got a badge that Mdm. Neo bought for us but I still bought another design which I thought was nice.

Many visitors came and took a look at our "booth" and each of us or each pair took turns to explain the times we had during our hornbill meetings and field trips to every visitor. Most of them said that they were quite inpressed with our presentation and selling skills. I was mostly in charge of selling the badges since I was a little shy to present but I still presented along with my "partner", Asfarina. The visitors were quite friendly too, that's why I got to have my chance to present.

We got to talk to some experts about birds and we even saw a pair of kingfishers. They're so cute and were in blue! But too bad, that's the time when we got to get back to school. So, we fed the fishes there while waiting for the bus. When the bus came, we went back to school to type this reflection ( I'm typing it now). So then, talk to you all next time! Look forward to my next reflection...

Bye for now!

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